Florida Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies

The Marlins stroll into Philadelphia Friday after a big win on Thursday night. After stomping all over the Reds, Florida hopes their hot streak will continue. Unfortunately for the Marlins, Roy Halladay stands in their way. Halladay is off to a god-like start in 2010, and is looking to continue with another win on Friday. In his career, Halladay has not posted phenomenal numbers against The Fish, but it’s Roy Halladay. If anyone can turn that around, it’s him.

On the other side of the hill is Anibal Sanchez. Like Halladay, Sanchez struggles against the Phillies. You have to figure that Halladay is much more likely to put on a dazzling performance than Sanchez, even if neither pitcher has traditionally dominated the opponent. With the Phillies having a clear advantage on pitching, you must then consider who has the edge on offense. The answer is the Phillies, and it is not even close. The Phillies have managed to eclipse the over/under in almost every game, except when stars like Halladay or Happ start. Philadelphia has one of, if not the, most explosive offenses in baseball.

The Phillies should be ableto cover the money line with relative ease tonight. The straight up bet against the spread has way too much juice, so the money line is a great alternative. At around -130, there is no doubt that this is a bet that will be profitable. Even if the Phillies somehow struggle against Sanchez, which is doubtful, they are going to cover this bet far more often than not.

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